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Gemini Full Moon

06 Dec 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

141206_compile1x385Greetings of the Gemini Full Moon!


Whether under clear or cloudy skies, open to all that is revealed under the light of the full Moon. Notice what may have passed unnoticed before. Be curious and explore.


See the full Moon light shine on all the abundance that has been gathered, stored, and honored by your efforts this year. Let it also light the chaff and bits of stuff not needed that may have gathered or have yet to be cleared. Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Full Moon maximize the qualities of fire and air. Cast what is no longer needed now to the ashes and to the winds.


This is the last full Moon of the year and the last full Moon while Saturn is in Scorpio. It is the time for completing our lessons and stepping up to receive the All of ourselves. It is time to use all the intense growth we have experienced to fuel our radiance, and imagine in brand new adventures.


This Full Moon is future focussed. Let your heart truth, your courage, and your creativity blaze forth. Invite in brilliant visions. There is a lot of support now for new experiences and new ideas; and for following intuition, and trusting feelings. Draw in and express the fire of passion supported by several fire trines in the coming weeks.


Choose this time to be purified and empowered through changes claimed and those to come (Uranus and Pluto line up during the week and provide support for such choices ;)) Allow these early December days to be filled with wonder, new possibilities and the promise of revealing messages.


141206_P1050355x300wTXT141206_P1050374x300Joy! Joy! Joy! Has been an ever-present message here these past couple of weeks. I am reminded too of the rewards of patience especially when joy is heart-held. May joy and bliss be the nectar you sip while you, as always,



Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


top compilation: figures by shadowlea-Is; rest by WisdomWild
bottom: hummingbirds by WisdomWild 141215]