Wisdom Wild | Gemini 1stQ Moon


Gemini 1stQ Moon

25 Feb 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150225_comp1x385Greetings of the 1st Quarter Moon in Gemini.


I had hoped the sky would clear so I could get a good photograph of the Moon but, alas,  clouds hid Hir from view. Much like how many things appear to be these days. Sometimes bright and clear and calling for being out in the world; other times a calling again to be internal and cocooned.


Here in the northern hemisphere we are teased by sunshine days and then cloud and mists return. Spring is not quite here and winter not quite gone. A pivotal time. A time when I would love to dive into spring but I am also drawn to continue to spend time in the winter cave.


Perhaps it is the Gemini energy: the faces of dreams and reality facing each other. Perhaps it is that Gemini wants to contain free-flowing Pisces and I am resisting. Perhaps it is that Venus and Mars are both now in firey Aries: gentle, demure Venus, and pushing-for-action Mars. … Perhaps.


Notice what is stirring within you and in the world. Be like tiny fishes searching in the nooks and crannies Look again at the dreams you awakened at the new Moon..Imagine them newly into being.


Become fully present to the moment. Breathe. Listen deeply to Heart Wisdom. Be at ease with ripening to come in ways you may not yet know.


Give beauty, joy, and grace your focus and attention and give them reign.


Yes, nourish all these in the centre of you and give them form in your surround.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light