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Moon Full in Virgo

09 Mar 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @1057 PDT) in Virgo


… discern, purify, re-source, renew… 


This super Moon (1st of 3 in 2020, occurring one after the other) shines uber-bright and the tides are running high (inside and out).  She brings powerful healing and positive shifting. It is a time to look closely at all that is revealed by the bright light and deep shadow. A time to celebrate all that has been brought into form, and a time to take stock. It is a time to purge, liberate, heal, and renew.


Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon (empowered by some other alignments) bring potent energies that are powerful and contrary. Starry-eyed Pisces calls us to drift, dream, fantasize, purge, and dissolve. Earthy Virgo is focussed on what is helpful and healing and urges us to anchor, attend to the tangible and practical, analyze, claim, and stay real. It is time to find a ‘middle way’ as the gifts of each are necessary and beneficial. Together in harmony, Spirit and matter are interwoven and transcendent visions are brought to Earth.


Yes, some ‘oppositional’ challenges but there are benefits, opportunities and supports as well. Feminine energy (9/11 planets), and especially Earthy energy (7 planets in Earth signs; 4 of them in Cap), help us to flow, ground and maintain presence.  Other alignments enable greater flow of action; open new possibilities; help us build strong foundations; clear communication pathways; and  provide better access to ideas that move us forward (Moon trines w/ Cap planets + Merc direct this eve). We continue to be supported and urged to empower ourselves through discipline, patience, and responsibility (ongoing Saturn-Pluto effect). The Light within shines brightly, blessed by Love, Beauty and Grace, and we re-remember and re-connect to that which most inspires (Venus now in Taurus).


It is time in these last days of Pisces to wash away the burdens of the past. Time to honour and celebrate all that has been given and received. Time to anchor in ‘higher’ knowing and inner wisdom; and time to focus on what is tangible, practical, helpful and healing. Time to find harmony with ourselves, Earth and Cosmos. Time to prepare for re-new-all.


Stand beneath Moon’s shining light
and view all that is in sight


Discern what is to be washed away
and the treasures you wish to have stay


Time to release deadweight and recalibrate
Time to dream in magic and articulate


Now honour all that you create &
Take time to rest and celebrate


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you see clearly, ground deeply, discern wisely, celebrate richly,
and make tangible all that is helpful & healing  this Moon










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