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Full Taurus Moon

17 Nov 2013, by Fiona in eclipse, moon&sky


Hello Dear Moon-lit Ones!

How are you? Here we are under the Full moon now in Taurus.  The eclipse portal closes today but its energies are still present.

A Powerful time. Time to be inspired by the steps you/we have taken. Time to celebrate all that has served and all that has been put in place or otherwise created during this cycle.  During this full moon, honor these happenings. Take time to notice,   welcome, and  give thanks for all that is working, all the positives, and all that you/we are. And, as always, release what no longer serves.

I know, I know, there may have been some bumps, perhaps some stalls, some emotional waves. It’s part of the current cycle to have these ups and downs.  The ‘trick’ is to keep free of getting caught up in drama or what has been challenging.  Let go. Breathe and commune with inner wisdom. Keep mind-full of the positives. Enjoy the state of ‘don’t know’ curiosity, wondering.  Invite and allow this grace and spaciousness.

In the past few months we have had huge nudges to review and shift  and step into a lighter and fuller way of being. There will be ongoing ups and downs, even outside of retrograde periods and shadows of same. We are called to become increasingly skilled at riding these waves, being heart-centered, receiving, releasing, and finding harmony and stillness in it all. It is a process as perpetual as the sun dawning and setting, tides rising and falling, the moon waxing and waning, all done with natural ease.

Stay present. One step at a time, a step to which you give your heart-centered focus and attention. No overloading.  Pace steps. What is unfolding is within and has its own time and rhythm. Absorb, allow, refine.  No effort needed. Take striving and effort off the plate. Let it be easy. And be ‘disciplined’ about that too. ;)

You may remember at New moon I spoke about Discipline as a theme for this cycle. We now sit at cycle Center. It is  time to review, celebrate and take forward our discipline gifts. Discipline gifts of new clarity and understanding. Discipline gifts of a wide range of self-loving actions – nourishment, stillness, gentleness, curiosity, creative engagements, and more. The Discipline gifts of invited spaciousness. The gifts of allowing natural ebbs and flows. Developing harmonious relationship with change, changing and the new.

Yes, there is the new and not-yet-done. No worries. Really. Yes, I still find myself at times irked by the not-yet-done, the ‘not-yet’ waiting. Do you? I pay attention to that irking. I grr. I wriggle out of the cloak that I let confine me in that irk. I explore feelings.  Sometimes I pout; sometimes I even cry.  I release. I breathe. I  invite space. I imagine a new sprout just emerging, ‘not-yet-done’ and yet ‘done’ perfectly for this moment in time, spiraling more and more into new. Over and over, at different times, in different ways. Each ‘replay’ a new opportunity to claim, create, align. A wonder

Welcome the fullness of the moon! and, as always,

Nurture your Nature

(You are made for it! ;))

Much love