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Full Super Moon in Taurus

27 Oct 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

151027_COMP1ed-merge_x385Welcome Super Full Moon (exact at 0505 pdt) in earthy Taurus


This is the 3rd of three consecutive super Moons. The first was Aug 29 in Pisces: breaking free, shedding, and cleansing. The 2nd was at the eclipse Sep 27 in Aries: burning away the old and what no longer serves. Now we deeply ground what we have claimed.


At the full Moon, the tides are at their highest and lowest as often too our emotions may roll at this time. Taurus is about what’s core and provides the anchor, protecting, holding, and cradling us through the sensual pleasures of the movements. Taurus is about sensing and expressing beauty, love, joy, compassion, nature. About simple, grounded, in-matter, pleasures. Immerse in the senses and align with your core values.


151027_conjuncn_CROP_x300_P1060500_P1010232Shining in the early morning sky is Venus between Mars and Jupiter. This Venus-Mars-Jupiter triple conjunction, all in Virgo (activated at Moon dark), is trine transformative Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) and calls us into an ease with all of who we are.


Along with this brilliant formation we have a powerful Grand Earth Trine (triple conjunction in Virgo; Pluto in Capricorn; and Moon in Taurus). This earthy, manifestation energy makes for lasting roots that will sustain and support us for a long time to come


We stand now under the shedding, hunter Moon realizing the gifts, learnings, and energy flows of this cycle and of the three consecutive super moons. Healing, loving energy also flows now with Venus opposite Chiron in Pisces (as is Neptune). Chiron, Pisces and Virgo are all about healing; about merging and emerging in beauty and the sacred. It is a time to open to all the blessings, releasings and healings.


The Moon is super full
The seas are extremely high and low
Take time and move soothingly slow.


Ride on the tides fluid full and released
revealing the greater expanse that was hidden in the deeps


Open now and cast aside all veils to the full Moon Light
Let Hir shine through every particle of the soil of you
Feel the power of love flow through
Earth-hearted and divine


Drink up the abundance
and the transformative light
through your roots into
the ease-full All Being of you


Honor all that is held in your heart
welcomed and released
melding, merging, moving
informing and expressing,
new ways of whole Being


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


May you be filled with ease
by the wondrous, wholeness of you,

open and free under this super Moon


_ _ _ _ _
Image notes: … Sumerian Bull head: modified  from image on a Design-by-Humans Tshirt | Roots: banyan tree roots cut from image found on Yarr.me