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Moon Full in Scorpio

18 May 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @ 1411 PDT) in Scorpio


feminine power, new wisdom, stabilizing, regenerative, transforming   


Said to be the time when Buddha energy* is close to Earth, this full Moon in Taurus season is a powerful one. In Scorpio, keeper of deep mysteries, we are called to come home to the power of imagination, the power of the feminine, and the rewards of going inward. We are empowered to see into the bones, summoned into deep releasing, and urged to take an Eagle-eyed elevated point of view. This Moon shines on anything in need of transforming; enhances all the positive magicks of Scorpio; and takes us beyond fear into joy-filled change. It is a time for spring-cleaning our inner stories and opening to new wisdom and new ways of Being.


This Moon is dynamic, regenerative and transformational while also being stabilizing (Taurus influence), passionate and joyful (Venus influence). She deepens Source connection, and inspires spiritual awakening (Pluto influence). Other planetary positions and alignments provide strong mental focus (Merc-Sun); increase the potential for liberation and further heart awakening (Venus-Uranus); support us in creating lasting beauty and prosperity (Venus now in Taurus); and ramp up our creativity and psychic sensitivity (Mars now in Cancer). We are pulled into the quantum field and urged to be master creators of our reality (approaching 2:3 Jupiter-Neptune squares).


Together, Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon invite us to bridge the seen and the unseen; the tangible and the intangible; the formed and the formless. Supported by an abundance of feminine energy (9/11 planets in feminine signs, 6 in Earth signs; 4 of these in Taurus), this is a time to expand the senses, see beauty in all things, and reach for more Beauty, Love and Joy. Breathe deep, keep moving, empower self-love and care, and trust self. Vitalize all that is in sync with Natural law and attuned to Earth and Spirit. Steep in sensual wisdom for comfort, healing and transformation.


Under Scorpio Moon bright
open to cascading Light


Delve into the shadows Moon makes deep
unveil the unseen within your keep


Weave together all that sings
Shed old skins, unfurl your wings


With light and shadow begin to dance
Earth, Cosmos and you, new resonance


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


May you be nourished, uplifted, enlightened and transformed
by the blessings of Earth and Cosmos this Moon



*Also known as the Wesak Moon, this Moon is considered by some to be the most powerful full Moon of the year. It marks the beginning of the Wesak festival (or Festival of Buddha) which lasts for 3 days following the full Moon. This Moon is a spiritual highpoint when the forces of enlightenment associated with the Buddha pour into Earth.


Legend has it that the Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment, and left the earthly plane all under the full Moon (in Scorpio or Sag) in Taurus season. It is believed that the Buddha returns each year at this time to bless the world, bring in new light, help regenerate Earth, and assist us in awakening. It is at this time we receive a healing elixir of Wisdom and Love from the divine/god-dess


I invite you to imagine that such blessings are indeed pouring into Earth at this time. Become fully present and still the mind. Focus on the inner realms and your Heart at the core. Create space for new wisdom. Open to receiving insights, blessings and spiritual renewal. Welcome in Light and compassion and healing and let all of this radiate outward too.


Wishing you the fullness of Light, Compassion, Wisdom, and Love
radiant in your Being this Wesak Moon







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Main Image: Eagle Wings: from Top Animal Wallpaper | Selket: cut & modified image from sculpture found on E-Bay
Buddha image from The Great Middle Way |