Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Sagittarius


Moon Full in Sagittarius

05 Jun 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @ 1212 PDT) in Sagittarius + p.Lunar Eclipse (@ 1225 PDT)


… illumination, revelation, realization, transformation …


The Moon is full, we have a partial eclipse (1st of 3), and we’re about halfway through Gemini season. Under Moon-full we are called to widen our vision, dissolve any sense of separation, and feel in to a fullness of Being. The eclipse brings what’s hidden to the surface and precipitates shift and change; emotions and influences are amplified and intensified. Half-way through Gemini season, a range of different beliefs and perspectives are being illuminated. Much is being revealed and with Moon in Sag the revelations concern what we believe. It’s time for open-mindedness, expanded awareness, vision and inspiration. A time to uplift, revitalize and expand.


Sagittarius Moon (& eclipse) brings courage to overcome challenges and asks us to remember the power of illumination and truth. She provides new insights and the opportunity to imagine and create new realities (esp w/ Mars-Nep influence). It is a time to examine assumptions, beliefs, attitudes and ways of seeing. Together with Gemini Sun we are called to expand the breadth of our knowledge; explore areas of dissonance; and open to a reality liberated from dogma and old power and control ‘norms.’


Yes these are challenging times that can test our composure and resolve (Mars influence & esp Tsquare – Mars, Sun Moon, Venus, Nep). Yes, we are asked to review, excavate, and examine many elements of the past (4 planets retrograde; 5 w/ Merc Rx upcoming); and to review what causes separation, isolation or injustice (Venus-Rx). And yes (upside), this is an opportunity for new perspectives to positively inform healing and transformation. Supportive energy is provided for big picture risk-taking and courageous action (Mars in Pisces); we have aid in maintaining clarity and compassion (Merc now in Cancer); and the way is cleared for new perspectives and discoveries as we honour and reclaim our own knowing (Merc-Chiron-Uranus).


It’s time to release the past and be present in this moment. Time to deepen trust in Spirit. Time to anchor love and compassion. Time to create space for nurturing ourselves and our new visions. Time to watch clouds, listen to birds, breathe Earth, and lean in to connection. Time to listen deeply, expand our hearts, and honour the wonder that we Be.


In the Fires at Moon full bright
heart wisdom invites new insights


Time to distill and discern
what to keep and what to burn


Look deeply in and delve anew
Seek freshly what you know is true


Time to Illuminate, elevate and radiate
Time to resonate with all there is to celebrate


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you ease, wonder and a fullness of Being this Moon





IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Archer: cut & modified photo by Circe Denier | Owl: cut & modified image from Tampa Zoo | Allium: cut & modified image found on Heritage Gardening