Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Sagittarius


Moon Full in Sagittarius

17 Jun 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact 190617 @ 0131 PDT) in Sagittarius


… presence, optimism,new wisdom   


This Moon-cycle has been a busy and power-full time with lots to challenge us along the way (several simultaneous planetary oppositions). We are immersed in a time of change, initiation and transformation (ongoing Jupiter-Neptune square; 2nd of 3 at exact yesterday). Now Moon is aligned with the Galactic Center (center of Milky Way) and we are provided with access to ‘higher’ truth, deeper wisdom, and expanded consciousness. Moon-full calls us to pause, open, and sense in to the potent opportunities for accelerated spiritual development and evolution.


In Sagittarius, the Centaur quests for the truth and takes hir aim. This time the arrow is pointed directly at ourselves. We are urged to re-examine our beliefs and to discern how they serve to lead us where we want to go (beliefs questioning also highlighted by Jup-Neptune). Both Gemini and Sag are keen on knowing, although Gemini is more inclined to data collection, and Sag wants deeper meaning. At this Moon we have the opportunity to distill all that Gemini has gathered; discover new levels of ‘truth’; and decant the jewels that nourish us, Earth, and Cosmos.


Enthusiasm and optimism are strong themes now (Sag Moon + Jupiter influence). We are encouraged to feel in and express both … and to do reality checks and ground our dreams in truth. Not long after Moon full we have Earthy support in so-doing; priorities also become more clear, and we are helped to blend intuition and pragmatism (Moon>Capricorn today at noon pdt – hence Goose in the image;)). Now is a time to open the connections between the conscious and the sub/unconscious, and to bridge Spirit and matter. Time to complete and release the past. Time to be present in the wholeness of a moment. Time to create spaciousness to nurture ourselves and our bright visions.


Moon-full is aligned with the centre
A bright new portal to be entered


Arrows are now aimed directly at the heart
of all you believe about your life and arts


Time to distill and discern
what to keep and what to burn


Reach to Heaven and Earth in this moment
Honour all that is for you most potent


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May your heart be filled with joy &
may the jewel that you are shine brilliantly this Moon










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: archer: sculpture by Ferdinand Preiss | Owl: cut & modified photo found on World Bird Sanctuary | Canada Goose: from Sportsman Guide