Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Sagittarius


Moon Full in Sagittarius

29 May 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Full (exact 1@ 0720 PDT) in Sagittarius


–play, reach, expand, delight


Moon in Sagittarius urges us into everything in Sag’s quest: truth, freedom, adventure, optimism, new experiences and new perspectives. Gemini Sun encourages curiosity, enthusiasm and flexibility in all our shape-shifting ideals. This is a time to uplift, revitalize, expand and see beyond. Time to engage with child-like delight!


Together Sun and Moon shine the light on our soul’s wisdom, and bring powerful ideas for anything we want to bring into form. They invite us to expand our breadth of knowing by gathering information (Gemini) and to go deeper to find and realign truth and purpose (Sag).


As Moon wanes this week, it’s time to open to beauty and blessings and enjoy the luxury of moving slow (3 planets retrograde). Feel into harmony, inspiration, creation and true essence (Grand Water trine this weekend – Neptune, Venus & Jupiter). Let life be effortless, flowing and mystical. Nurture joy, peace and simplicity.


Moon now is as a rose in full flower
Time to delight in expansive power


Seek wide and deep for all that’s wise
Look inside with a young child’s eyes


Feel anew the purity of innocence
Breathe the wonder of your eternal essence


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May your inner Fire ignite child-like wonder, playfulness and freedom this Moon.









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Main Image: Hunter: from sculpture by PierreLeFaguay | Rose: cut & modified image from ‘best of clipart’ |