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Full Pisces Moon

29 Aug 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150829_COMP1-merge2-CROP_x385Welcome the Full Pisces Moon!
(exact at 1135 pdt)
and a new Portal opens….


What a storm here today! Howling winds made for electricity popping in and out (quite a challenge to preparing this message) and a meowling cat who was less than enthused with the wildness about!


It’s been a long while since we’ve had a full moon in a water sign (last time was May 3, then in Scorpio) and it’s been just about as long since we’ve had rain here. Today, with Full Moon in Pisces, rain poured down from the sky and wild winds moved great sheets of water horizontally. Nourishing, cleansing, and refreshing! And Wild!


Today carries a strong calling for our attention. This full Moon is a Super Moon ( and the first of a sequence of three Supermoons; the next one will be at the total lunar eclipse Sept 27). The Moon is conjunct Neptune in its own sign of Pisces: all qualities of Pisces – imagination, compassion, sensitivity, creativity – will be amplified. Neptune supports us breaking free of the old and moving into greater connected wholeness. At the same time a Jupiter -Sun conjunction expands Virgo/earth energies.


Water and Earth, the feminine energies, in mutable signs, dance together in unity and with discernment. And Venus-Mars, now our morning stars, are conjunct in Leo bringing love and play to the mix!


This Moon is an energetic portal to new openings, higher frequencies, and an expanded fullness of relations with Spirit.


It is time to take stock of all that is revealed by the full Moon light. Time to dance too with the dark silhouettes cast by the Moon. Time to view the ripples cast by our seed at Moon new…


Seek now to identify the true ‘basics’
of internal and external realms both and
choose their simple ways.


It is time to hone, polish and
embark on the bridge of connection
a unity of spiritual and physical worlds


Attend to the calling –
Water and Earth and Fire.


Open to the healing cleansing and
Ground your visionary ways
Expand compassion and Spirit trust


Magnify your inner Light!
Shine forth your radiant Heart!
Be Moon full of loving wisdom


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light

Image Notes: All images by FSC/WisdomWild