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Moon Full in Pisces

01 Sep 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @ 2222 PDT) in Pisces


… illuminate, release, nourish, flow … 


Moon full is a time of culmination, completion and celebration; we are reminded to be thankful for all that has been done and for the gifts given and received. Now in Pisces we are invited into the soothing, cleansing, healing realm of our inner knowing and heart-wise dreaming. Time to prepare to dream into the feminine deep.


Sensitivity, empathy, compassion and creativity is heightened; and the boundaries between the conscious and the subconscious tends to blurred at this time (enhanced by Moon-Neptune Wed). What is disruptive to our well-being is illuminated (Moon full & Virgo Sun) and is then dissolved and washed away (Pisces Moon). Sun wants us to find new perspective; Pisces empowers us to dream new dreams. Together Moon and Sun bring purification, refinement and spiritual nourishment. They help us to merge the spiritual/sacred (Pisces Moon) and the practical/mundane (Virgo Sun).


In the midst of all that may challenge us (ongoing Cap stellium + Mars effects) we are encouraged to create calmness and stability by entwining our inner and outer worlds. As we let go and flow into the dreaming, we are likely to experience a greater sense of freedom, surprise break throughs and even an enlightened vision of the future (Uranus effect). New insights/understandings may arise that help us imagine practical solutions and deepen transformation (Merc-Pluto). With an abundance of feminine energy (9/11 planets n fem signs) sacred connection is enhanced.


It is a time for rooting in Earth and releasing to the Waters. Time to yield to the waves and embrace ebbs and flows. Time for merging into the Oneness. Time for ease, reflection and visionary dreaming. Time to nurture ourselves in the feminine deep.


Step into the fullness of bright Moon Light
and open to all revealed to your sight


The time is great for sweet release
Time to focus on inner peace


Embrace the Waters and drink deep
Honour all that you have reaped


Let the seas wash away any debris
Enter into the freedom to just Be


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you sweet release,
ease-full flow
& a fullness of Being this Moon










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