Wisdom Wild | Full Moon+eclipse: Another Powerful Time


Full Moon+eclipse: Another Powerful Time

24 May 2013, by Fiona in eclipse, elemental, moon&sky

Hello Dear Ones!

Full moon w/ lunar eclipse tonight! (~2230 PDT).

The three-eclipse container of the last month. has provided a powerful and transformative time.  For this Moon, themes to truth, freedom and broad perspective are highlighted. Expect some big energy moving around and keep in mind that thoughts, desires, emotions are magnified.

Have you felt something has been brewing and building inside?  Does it feel like being stretched in ways not experienced before? Well it’s time. This lunar Eclipse gives us an energetic  cosmic push to support the changes we are making, and to give birth to a new self.

Yes! We’re being stretched, prodded, pressured to see what we value enough to show up for.  Yes, inner doubts, fears, old patterns may flare up as we commit to new ways. (This is just a clear sign the inner work IS working;)) Yes, it  can be a bit scary but when we feel a bit destabilized, when we lose the familiar, and when we release our analytical minds and trust more to our intuition, this is when we can also get a glimpse if Spirit’s intentions for our most wondrous good.

Yes, we may feel emotional waves  (esp since Moon is in Scorpio & then Sag today). Let them wash over you.  Immerse yourself in water energy; into the emotional, receptive, fluid  nature and deep knowingness of the feminine. Sink and fall embraced and supported by water nature. In this time it is an act of balancing  pressure and surrender.  Allow spaciousness. Give spirit room to work. Don’t sit on feelings; energy now calls us to express them!

Vesta, the Goddess of the Sacred Flame, calls us to preserve our creative energy for focused dedication to our personal calling.  Keep holding focus on the reality you are calling into being. This eclipse is the bringer of expansion and opportunities to develop more trust in spirit, intuition, and the sanctuary of the heart. Open the door to all within you ready to come out to be seen, heard, expressed, loved, healed. Tap into the frequencies supporting you/us in this creative, exciting time! Allow this Full Moon to create a larger, richer and abundant container for you/us.

You/we have power. You/we have freedom. Take it, own it and use it well. I just know you will.


Much love