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Full Moon in Leo

23 Jan 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160123_COMP1-MERGE-crop_x385Welcome Full Moon (exact @ 1746 pst) in Leo
Connect, Claim & Create


It is a Full Wolf Moon in Leo.
Arhooo! Mreowrar!


Here the rains have paused for this day. Clear sky, Sun (now in Aquarius) shining white-gold, and soon Moon will rise in the darkening night. Ahhhh…. Time to release into the deep night and into the fire; time to breathe in fullness and the warmth of Leo’s brilliant heart fire.


With this breath and with this fire, Sun and Moon together call for finding and expressing emotional and practical resonance between the individual (Leo) and the collective (Aquarius). Transformative energies for such enlightened union are again rising.


There is an intensity in the energies right now (Mercury conj Pluto almost exact at full Moon; and two T-squares: Uranus-Pluto-Lilith and Moon-Sun-Mars) This intensity is expressing itself as eagerness, or hunger or a pull to move, shift, and express. The call to creative endeavours is particularly strong (Moon square Mars & Juno in Scorpio; Jupiter conj North Node; Sun conj wisdom goddess).


Venus moved into Capricorn today giving a boost to creative expressions and to fueling connections. Hear Wolf howl to kin!. Mercury, still retrograde for a few more days (until Mon, Jan25),  lends depth to our explorations and holds space for our continuing reflection and release. Mercury and other planets expressing earthy energy support us in anchoring all the new that we have brought and will bring into being. It is time…


Breathe in the Sun
and bathe in Moon full light
Look inside and out and sense
all that emerges into your sight


Dance with energies eager for release
both those that dwell in shadows, and
those that vibrate with creative needs
calling you forth to all you desire.


Now raise the crown of your inner fire
illuminating strength, courage and wisdom
of the Lion that lives within
Honor all that is in your radiant kin-dom.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light



Personal Musings: Timing
160123_P1030027A friend mailed this card to me before Solstice but I just got it this week. A feline Moon; cats holding space in circle; a cat leaping to the skies. Makes me think and feel many things, and especially seems to honor Ramdha passing (though how could she have known upon sending?)

… It really is all about Spirit timing…..

How PURRR-fect.








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