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Full Moon in Gemini

25 Nov 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

151125_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385 Greetings of the Full Moon (exact at 1444pst) in Gemini
… and a lot else going on…


Be present in the moment


Full Moon in Gemini lights up all that we have been collecting and distributing. Sun just recently come into Sagittarius expands whatever holds our focus. This full Moon occupies and activates two powerful transits: a rather tense T-square (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury square Neptune, all in mutable signs); and a more easeful grand air trine bolstering passion, courage, nourishment and self-worth. The upside: lots creative potential and supportive energy.


That said, it’s been true for me and perhaps for you too so I’m just going to say it: this is one tough Moon time. The energies are complex, contrary, confusing, raw and finely nuanced too. There’s a lot of mutable energy about (all the planets in the T-square + Jupiter too) and any nicely ordered and, neatly folded life is bound to feel/get messy.


The Saturn square Neptune relationship (exact tomorrow and the first of three into 2016) is a complicated one. One wants order, rules and borders, and the other wants unconditional love and freedom. The full Moon light shines brightly on both and our work is to blur and dissolve the tension, the fears and the doubts. It is time to draw on beauty, gratitude, compassion and imagination, and to fuel our faith and trust in the powers they hold.


Start where you are
in this moment
and breathe into your sacred presence


Release fears, tensions, and doubts
into the high full Moon tide
and watch them dissolve and vanish
like sand castles in the waters’ waves


Start where you are
in this moment
and breathe spaciousness into being
whole and filled with grace
expansive in the heart Wisdom of you


Start where you are
in this present moment
in this presence moment and


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


May you be resonant with blissful grace and spaciousness
under the fullness of this Moon
Happy Thanksgiving to All in the USA!




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