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Full Moon feelings

20 Aug 2013, by Fiona in creatures, moon&sky

FullMoon+geese2Hello Dear Ones!

Today I need to be outside, to run, to swim, to dance… to have time alone and to be in community…. some / much of it all…

It is Full moon.   I wonder how she finds you and how you’re feeling under her silver-white light.

Here today the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and Geese have been honking overhead as they begin their migration journey.  The sound of Geese stirs me, actually even agitates me, and I find myself  wanting movement, to shift places more, and more urgently  – inward and outward. And to this so too does the Moon in these times speak…

This Sun-Leo and Moon-Aquarius give additional voice to the ongoing call to align our hearts with future dreams. The pressure for change is still strongly in play. Challenging forces are also strongly in play (esp re: letting go, releasing), yet there is lots and lots of support for change – despite how challenged Ego feels. And I’ve certainly had some wrestlings on that front! ;)

Given all that’s in play at the moment, I recommend engaging in physical activity during this full moon.  I know I just must!  Because there is so much energy about, spending time feeling the Earth beneath me, grounding and getting support from Earth, is definitely on the must-do agenda.

A blend and balance of some alone time, and some social, community time; expressive time.

Drink from fountains of abundance and no matter what the challenges or energies in the surround, hold steady. Imagine and draw in that which resonates;  and align with energies/frequencies of abundance and support.  Special attention to deep self love too remember ;)

Yes, Nurture your Nature

Much love,


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