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Full Moon Eclipse

14 Apr 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings of the just hours away Full Moon (0042h pdt) Eclipse!

Full Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries; Air and Fire.



We quest and take action to bring our dreams and deepest heart desires into being, and are called also to seek balance in the process. Now at the full Moon it is time to celebrate what we have called into being, and time to reflect on what we want to continue to move forward and what is called for letting go.


In the past few days, there has been much in the outer world that has expressed or called for letting go. It is time now, especially with Pluto changing directions today just hours before the eclipse, that we shift from outer expressions to inner reflections.


It is time again to attend to needs and desires – yours, others, Earth, All – and seek the ways and places where paths for the greatest good merge. Open to new possibilities; invite new ways of being in balance. Shift whatever needs shifting to step more fully into the Heart-truth of you.


Blue star Spica and glowing red Mars will both be close to the Moon this night. Together they hold the energy of both feminine and masculine. Mars is retrograde in Libra adding yet another of balance and cooperation to this dance of Full Moon and eclipse (especially within the Cardinal Grand Cross).


The eclipse opens a gateway, a portal, a window that will last for several days. (For details of times and visibility, check out the Quick References below.) Full moon eclipses amplify feelings, insights, situations. In Buddhist tradition, eclipses are times when prayers and intentions are amplified. What we focus upon reverberates and calls that which we seek to us.


Tonight we can see all phases of the moon, full moon to full moon, displayed in the ~3.5hours of the eclipse. 29-30 days collapsed in just a few hours. Consider what you wish to call or manifest for the next full moon. What does each moon phase call from you? What wants to burst forth? What will


Nurture your Nature
With Love & Light


Quick Refs
Sourced from ‘Mr.Eclipse” Fred Espenak. Find more information including times by time zone on  his site.

Eclipse Times (PDT)

Partial Eclipse begins 1058PM
Total Eclipse begins: 1207am
Greatest Eclipse: 1246am
Total Eclipse Ends: 0125am
Partial Eclipse ends: 0233am

* Event occurs on evening of April 14, 2014