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full moon eclipse

04 Apr 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky


Greetings of the Full Moon + Eclipse
in Libra (exact at 0506h pdt)


I wonder how you are this day as much as been dancing in the heavens of late and still. I had hoped to watch some of the movements of Moon rise and eclipse but, alas, the sky is clouded and rain falls. Still, I feel the calls…


It is Moon full and emotions may be moving like the high and low tides. In Libra we are called, again, to learn and practice the teachings of balance.


Breathe in the fullness and release, in an out like the tides.


Know that the eclipse may heighten emotional energies and it compresses time – energetically, a whole lunar cycle in a couple of hours. Let it loosen whatever needs to be released in freedom and as offering. Let it empower your intention


The eclipse also reactivates the Pluto-Uranus square. Yes, energies of change and transformation rise again. Here in the Northern hemisphere, it feels like the push and pause of the land, the movement of layers and layers of spring emerging under the changing light of the sun and Moon


Our ground  is supported by Mars and Venus, both now in earthy Taurus. Jupiter soon moves direct calling in our blessings.


Sink roots deep and wide in the soul soil of you.

Expand your Being with the fullness of the Moon
Breathe in the brightness of the Light
Welcome all abundance that feeds the Heart Truth of you
Celebrate the wholeness of your sacred self
resonant and radiant.

Nurture your Nature
Wisdom Wild
with Love & Light


Additional Guidance Notes for this Time
I have heard from many that things have been challenging. Time between and around eclipses can be unsettling. For those who may wish for them, here a few ‘coaching hints’.

  • Spend time around or in water. Sit by the sea; have a warm bath. Even standing over running water is helpful.
  • Pause often to be present in the moment. Give one moment all your attention. Just Be Here Now.
  • Use the centered lines above as a meditation to hold the moment.
  • Be mindful and disciplined regarding any negative self-talk (upcoming fire trine with Saturn, Mercury and Juno will support this work)
  • Let your Heart guide you and


  • Nurture your Nature
    with Love & Light

[image compilation: don’t know who did the cuddled hare sculpture; the dancing rabbits are modified from some ear-rings ( also creator unknown) but honor them anyway]