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Moon Full in Libra

28 Mar 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @1148 PDT) in Libra


… balance, connection, liberation … 


Moon-full shines the light on all that needs to be seen. As always, she heightens awareness, emotional sensitivity, insight and intuition. It’s time to review all that is revealed. Time to release what no longer serves. Time to honour all that’s been given and received.


In balance-seeking, peace-making, relationship-oriented Libra, the focus is on cooperation, justice, harmony and, most of all, balance. Libra blends objectivity (Air element) and heart sense (Venus ruler); and draws our attention to the what and how of our relationships. We are called to seek deeper connection, meaning and fulfillment. It’s time to shine the light on all that needs to be brought into balance; and to bring peace and harmony to our relations with self, others, Earth and Spirit.


With Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra we are challenged to balance our own individual needs and desires (Aries) with those of the collective (Libra). Aries quickens creative energy, spurs initiative, and lends us courage. Libra brings fresh Air, emotional balance through mindfulness, and hir gift of lightening things up. Together they invite us to walk a path of freedom, in service of beauty, justice & harmony, by merging our passion and goals with transformation and leadership.


Leadership, courage and strength are hugely empowered this Moon (power of 8: Moon , Uranus & triple stellium – Sun, Venus & Chiron – all at 8 degrees + Mars is an 8 month) as is freedom and liberation (Kite: grand trine w/ Moon, Mars, Saturn + smaller trine/stellium w/ Sun, Venus, Chiron & Sun sextile both Mars & Saturn). Our awareness and sensitivity to self/other, light/shadow, doing/being, command/compromise is heightened (Sun-Venus-Chiron); and the potential for revealing, resolving and healing past hurts of heart and body, and deepening our sense of wholeness, is high (Venus-Chiron). Clarity increases (Merc-Aries); there is increased potential for cooperation and collaboration (Venus-Chiron); and, overall, we are likely to feel more stable (Moon-Mars-Saturn). There is a merging now of Love and Light and we are strongly urged to embrace positivity and act on creating joy and happiness (Sun-Venus).


It is time to see ever more clearly what it is we value; and to empower and embody what it is we hold closest to our heart and Spirit. Time to focus on and nourish all that is positive, beautiful, creative and inspirational. Time to let Fire warm our hearts; and to invite the winds to instill us with a lightness of Being. Time to slow, centre and prepare to surrender into the feminine deepening.


Hold in your hands the full Libra Moon
To fairness, grace and blessings now tune


Envision abundance, peace, beauty and unity
Nourish personal and universal harmony


Honour all that you do and Be
Move in to all that sets you free


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you a sweet harmony,
renewed balance, and
a fullness of Being this Moon












IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Crow guardians: carving from my personal collection | Crows on a line: clipart | Bluebells: cut & modified image from Oregon Seeds