Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Libra (& Scorpio soon)


Moon Full in Libra (& Scorpio soon)

19 Apr 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @ 0412 PDT) in Libra/Scorpio (in Scorpio @0540 PDT)


… shift, balance, embody


We have been repeatedly challenged to hold the energy of  newness repeatedly over the past five full Moons (five consecutive full Moons at 0 degrees). Now, Moon-full again carries the energy of completion; it is very potent and there’s a very strong urge to get something finished (Moon in final degrees). At the same time there is a strong desire for new experiences, significant shift, and for breaking free (Uranus effect + upcoming holy-days). Yes, the call to both ‘shift’ and balance is powerful this Moon.


In Libra (2nd consecutive Moon-full in Libra), balance, peace and harmony are emphasized. We are again offered the opportunity to learn more about restoring and maintaining balance, peace and harmony no matter what arises. Various alignments in the skies further challenge us to balance difficult oppositions; and to bring harmony to forces that seem strongly opposed. Libra focuses our attention on relationships of all kinds. Moon and Sun focus particularly on our relationships with self (Moon), and with others/community and Earth (Sun).


Evolutionary energy continues to be potent. We are again called to deeply align with Spirit/Soul (Mars-Chiron); urged to transform limitations and restrictions (Moon, Saturn, Pluto T-Q); and to embody all we have learned. We are supported by the all the elements (esp w/ Merc now in Aries & upcoming shifts) and by the energy held by the sacred days of this weekend (Easter, Passover, Earth Day). It is time to centre and feel in. Time to listen. Time to celebrate all that has been done and all the dreams that are to come.


At Moon Full in the final degrees
We have mastered much and found some keys


Like Eagle and Crow on the wing
We find a ‘balance’ in all things


Time now to honour gained expertise
Time to celebrate and take our ease


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you a purity of balance, peace, freedom, and deep Love this Moon









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