Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Libra + Equinox Too


Moon Full in Libra + Equinox Too

20 Mar 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Happy Equinox! (exact @ 1458 PDT) & Welcome Moon Full (exact @1843 PDT) in Libra


… empowered shift, balance & harmony    


Powerful and potent energy is flowing in (3rd of 3 consecutive Supermoons; 5th of 5 consecutive full Moons at zero degrees; 1st of 2 consecutive full Moons in Libra; Sun newly in Aries; Equinox; and more) and we are challenged to balance pulls in different directions. Sun now in Aries (1458 pdt) brings new energy, renewed passion, increased confidence, and an eagerness to forge ahead (all heightened by Mars-Pluto trine + Chiron influence). At the same time there’s a pull to hold, gauge decisions, reflect, and seek  balance (Equinox & Moon in Libra). A pull to initiate action in the world; and a pull to pause and turn inward (Sun-Moon & Mars-Moon); opposing or complementary energies depending on our point of view ;).


Aries Sun quickens creative energy, spurs initiative, lends us courage, and increases our willingness to risk.  The quest is learning and being more of who we are; the ongoing mission is one of self-love. Moon in Libra brings our focus to both love within, and love beyond self: to relationships, sharing, cooperation, balance, justice and beauty. She blends the objective (Air element) with the heart (Venus rules Libra).  Sun and Moon together invite us to walk a path of freedom, in the service of beauty, justice and harmony, by blending our personal passions and goals with transformation and leadership.


We are well-supported in our journey with strengthened intuition and an incoming aura of calmness and tranquility (Uranus influence); increased clarity and ability to organise and attend to practical details (Merc-Saturn); and an increased ability to integrate mind/body and intuition/instinct (Chiron influence). It is time to embrace the fullness of this moment. Time to let heart-Fire rise and to invite the winds to bring new possibilities, new invitations and new transformations. Time to empower and serve beauty, justice and harmony.


Welcome the Fire of Aries Sun
Energy rises in everyone


Power is strong and potent
Breathe the Air of this moment


Find your balance and begin to dance
all that is, and all you wish to advance


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you a dance of balanced fullness
fueled by Fire, up-lifted by Air,
& nourished by Natural magick this Moon










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image:  Crow: cut & modified image from Bird Control Pro | Ram: Cut from Back Country | Equinox Circle: cut & modified from Farmers Almanac