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Moon Full in Gemini

11 Dec 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Full (exact@ 2112 PST) in Gemini


… illuminate, release, appreciate


Moon full is a time of illumination, completion, and appreciation. A time to honor, celebrate and express gratitude for all that has come; and to shine the light on the chaff and bits of stuff no longer needed and waiting to be cleared. This Moon fuels powerful healing (continuing Merc-Chiron trine and Chiron direct tomorrow) providing clues to focus our attention, and calling us to deepen trust in our intuition and inner wisdom. It is a time to be very discerning; and to call upon our deepest heart-truth and soul sense.


In Gemini Moon provides us with fresh breath, flexibility and the ability to entertain multiple contrary perspectives. She calls us to explore our mental chatter and ground whatever helps us tune to Spirit and enables creativity, balance, clarity, and calm. Sag Sun pulls us to new horizons and connection to things greater than ourselves. Together they help us both hold a big vision, and attend to details. We are called to cast what is no longer needed to the Fire and to the winds; and to seek (Sag) and speak (Gemini) truth.


Other planetary positions and alignments help us to make progress and clear negativity (Mars in Scorpio); empower decision-making and change (Saturn-Pluto); and bring in a flow of optimism and a more positive mindset (Sag Sun and Merc newly in Sag). Overall, we are strongly urged to purge, simplify and uplift (Venus-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction).


At this last Moon full of the year, it is time to be purified and empowered. Time to corral thoughts and tune to beauty and peace and all that is uplifting. Time to take stock, release, renew, replenish. Time to focus on gratitude, compassion, imagination and inner wisdom; and to fuel our faith and trust in the powers they hold.


This Moon-full is powerful and bright
Truth, wisdom and compassion unite


Inside the hive of busy and buzzing sounds
find the beauty and sweet nectar that abounds


Focus upon the presence-full moment
Surrender to trust and faith made potent


Now is the time in this transcendent space
to embrace your wisdom and radiant grace


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you delight in all that is complete;
look forward to what lies ahead; and
deeply ground in the joy of each present moment










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