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Moon Full in Gemini

22 Nov 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Full (exact @ 2139 PST) in Gemini + Sun in Sagittarius


… uplifting and bright
truth, unity & wonder …


This Moon-full carries the energy of new beginnings that will pull us forward the next five cycles (1st of 5 consecutive full Moons @ 0 degrees). Yes, the energy of completion and new beginnings are ‘twinned’ at this time. Moon in Gemini supports us with flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to entertain multiple, even contrary, perspectives. Sun newly in Sagittarius pulls us toward new horizons, big picture views, and connection to things greater than ourselves. Together Sun and Moon bring movement, delight, and the ability to both hold a big vision, and attend to details. We are asked to seek (Sag) and speak (Gemini) our truth.


Today is a powerful portal for Light-energy to pour in for transformation, healing, and soul embodiment (powers of 11+22+33). Other alignments provide new opportunities for feeling and expressing compassion (Mars-Pisces effect); finding bigger, deeper meaning (Mars-Moon square); opening to higher realms and renewing inspiration (Merc-R in Sag); firing up bold visions (mutable T-square); and creating or flowing into change with more ease (7 planets in mutable signs).


Truth, wisdom, healing and Spirit are focal points (Grand Sextile/Star of David). This is a time to both honour, celebrate and express gratitude for all that has come; and to begin to dream in something new for the future. Time to nurture whatever we most hunger for. Time to speak truth with kindness and patience. Time to thoughtfully and boldly aim our arrows out beyond the far horizon. Time for their Fire-y flight to mark the path to our new ways of Being.


This Moon-full is bountiful, poignant, and bright
Truth, wisdom, compassion and action unite


Honour fruition and new vision invite
Expand your worldview and welcome new insight


Draw from the twins both celebration and inspiration
Embrace Spirit and transformation this lunation


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you the delight of fruition,
the fullness of gratitude
& the wonder of new inspiration









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