Wisdom Wild | Full Capricorn Moon


Full Capricorn Moon

12 Jul 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings of a glorious Full Moon! (0425h pdt)


P1030810_CapwTXT_CROPx385A ‘super’ moon and the first of three. ‘Super’ because Moon is closest to Earth in hir elliptical orbit so can seem larger and much brighter. Indeed we are especially bathed in Moonlight this season, from now to September.


Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn. Water and Earth. With full moon close the tides will be high. Yes, emotions may rise. Elsewise much in the heavens speaks of shiftings & ‘challenges’ (another grand cross formation)


Draw on the wisdoms.


Water, fluid, buoyant, powerful, nourishing. Emotion, feeling. Strengths of feminine knowing, experiencing, expressing. Move in flow. Release, Receive, Release, Receive. Cleanse.


Attend to foundations. Nourish your roots, your ground. Earth, body, ancestors. Breathe all deeply within.


Express both Earth and Water this Moon.


It is a time to see, claim, and celebrate all that has been received, given, learned, and expressed this cycle, and all that has been carried forward from the cycles before.


The Light is bright from the Moon and, in the Northern Hemishpere, the days are long and bright as well. It is time to see all that is revealed by the Light. Seek out all those gifts, a multitude of kinds, that have graced you this cycle. Honor what you have done, and not done, in service to yourself, to others, to Earth.


It is time. Feel deeply in to the wonders and blessings of you in and of the world. Connect deeply to your ground. Express the fluid flow of your dance and the strength of your foundations.


Hum, chant, sing, dance, laugh, cry, be still and full. Honor and express it All. And, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


[images: Moon photo & dig comp by Fiona; goat-dolphin by noomxbaas]