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Moon Full in Capricorn

28 Jun 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Full (exact @2153 PDT) in Capricorn


Spirit connect, align, ground


The energy has been very active and outwardly expressive during this Moon’s waxing. As we entered the Moon-full window, however, there was a shifting. Are you feeling it?


The call to turn inward is strong (Cancer Sun +5 planets retrograde w+ Chiron influence) and outward plans and actions slow (Mars-R, esp for those with planets in Mars-ruled Scorpio or Aries). There is some emotional heaviness to the energy now (Sun/Moon Con Saturn) giving rise to issues of power, authority, integrity, and sovereignty (Mars, Capricorn, Saturn). It is indeed time to slow and turn within.


Moon in Capricorn calls us to align with and root ourselves in our soul’s purpose. Earthy, grounding energy is very potent now. It is a time to reflect on how our actions serve our Spirit’s desires, and to release any internal conflicts (Mars -R). Time to re-group, re-work, reset priorities and re-envision plans (Capricorn loves planning). Capricorn Moon gifts us with clarity and Sun in Cancer calls us home.


It is time to draw energy back into our bodies. Time to shift with the sands and flow with the tides. Honor all that has been initiated, put in play, and/or accomplished this Moon. See each of these as as shining lights, clear and bright like Moon. Ground these powerful expressions and distill the essence of you. Clear your field of the bumps and grinds and any heart-aches that may have been experienced. Feel into the warm, loving, soul-full heart of you. Embrace your strength, your agility, your responsiveness, your compassion, and the unbounded love in your life-art journey.


This Moon calls us to root and stay
Now is not the time to turn away


In the watery depths connect with your soul
Remember all that makes you whole


Tune to your Spirit’s purpose and abide
Heart truth and inner wisdom be your guide


Embody your soul-full heart
Honor you as living art


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you soul-full connection and a brightness of Being this Moon

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