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Full Aries Moon… & more

08 Oct 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

141008_compileAriesMoonCROP-edx385Greetings of the Full Moon in Aries (exact at 0351pdt)
and a good deal more


There’s a lot happening in the skies and a lot of energy within a range of fields. Yes, there may be some turbulence. I’m still feeling in to it all …


  • The Full Blood Moon …
  • A full lunar eclipse in the wee hours this morning (0353pdt) – and a solar eclipse to come later this month…
  • A Grand Fire Trine…
  • A t-square with Pluto (death/rebirth) and Uranus (awakening)…
  • And Mercury went retrograde on the weekend (until October 25th)…


What story do you wish to unveil under the heavens? How will you dance with the Sun, Moon and Stars?


Let’s begin with the Full Moon. What is the Moon shining brightly upon where you are?

On this Moon I invite you to cast back 6 months. Retrace the path you have walked and the gifts you have received and shared. Acknowledge this way-making and ground this knowing deeply into the Earth of you. Stand under the full-lit moon as a beaming spirit being transformed and transforming . Honor this self-witnessing and celebrate the beautiful, wondrous Light of you. Hold this with you always, all ways, and anchor it deeply that you can be fueled and fulfilled, delighted by any storm.


Grounding yourself in the deep Earth truth of you is always important. In the sphere of cosmic influences of this time, it is an especially important sacred act. Breathe. Ground. Focus on what you intend to bring into being, and bring into your felt experience in this moment. Yes. This moment. Deepen the practice.


The full lunar eclipse occurred this morning. As it occurs on a Blood Moon it is believed to be particularly special and that the effects will last a year. It is in fact the 2nd of four blood moons. The first occurred in April at the time of the Cardinal Grand Cross (remember?); two more are yet to come. A tetrad of eclipses is extremely rare and considered to herald another ‘push’ of transformation. Eclipses are always associated with transformation. They are gateways, potent energetic portals. They are times to release, reset, and focus on what you desire to bring into being.


firetrine1aaA Grand Fire Trine activated in this eclipse.  Ah the gifts of fire. Inspiration, passion, creativity, courage! The three fire signs are working together well in this current alignment so do tend to your fire.

I invite to consider the following themes / keywords for reflection and meditation:

  • Action and expansion (all three planets)
  • Pure power and force; inner certainty; meaningful cause (Mars in Sag)
  • Abundance, heart-centered, faith, hope (Jupiter in Leo)
  • Freedom (Uranus)

* This is firey masculine energy so do tend to the feminine sense within for balance and integration


The T-square: Uranus & Pluto are back in alignment. This is a particularly strong T-Square (what w/ Full Moon in Aries, Eclipse, and Grand Trine. Whoosh!) There is a calling deep inside. It is a time for laser clarity of your personal power; of feminine wisdom deep and manifest; of great gains in letting go; and of embracing freedom in the whole of you. Yum eh?


mercury_byDossoDossi-1524-CROPx385And Mercury is retrograde again. It stood still a few days ago and began on reverse path into Scorpio on the weekend. Water energy, emotions rising and releasing, like the tides. On Friday (Oct 10) will move into Libra: balance.

Hold the spirit of water and air to you in these coming days.

Flow like a river and the wind through the trees.

Flow with the naturalness of the tides and of breath.

Imagine your creations into the forms you desire.


As you see, overall, the stories of the times present opportunities for breakthrough, for release, and for new perspectives and insights.


It is indeed a fiery month. Be mindful of your thoughts. Stay true to your intention in the now future. Ground deeply in the Earth truth of you and your radiant heart. Be gentle and kind to yourself; exercise your self-compassion. When so much potential energy and possible turbulence is about, it is especially important to consciously, intentionally, attend to self-care. Cleanse, release, rest. And with all this ‘heat’ and the Moon moving into waning, do drink lots of water! Yes, Dear Ones,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light