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Full Blood Moon Eclipse

27 Sep 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings this Full Aries Blood Moon
(exact at @ 1950 pdt)

(Totality 1911-2023 pdt)


First, a little preface…

So much has been, can be, and is being said about this full-super-blood-Moon-eclipse time. Information abounds on super moons, blood moons, eclipses, and especially the tetrad of blood Moon eclipses (this the 4th and final of a ‘tetrad’ that began in April 2014).


There is much to delve into but that’s not my aim here. Instead, I seek to keep this as simple and core as possible. My primary aim is to honor and support the work each of us do to walk the Heart Path and live in a Lightness of Being


You will find this post much as others in its form. along with eclipse timing and special guidance for this time. As always, feel free to be in touch if you’d like further information or guidance about this time.

Earth-Sky Wisdom

The full Moon (exact at 1950 pdt) is a ‘Super Moon; and a ‘Blood Moon’ (because of the effect of earth shadow on the Moon). In the Northern Hemisphere, it is also the Harvest Moon.


Full Moons are always intense; that this Moon is a Super Moon, in Aries, and occurs during an eclipse, increases the feeling of intensity. Moon and Sun form a powerful T-square with Pluto, planet of life, death, rebirth and transformation activating all related emotions and reflections. Aries wants action, now, in this moment, providing motivational pressure (viewing the eclipse is a great opp to feed that want;)). The Eclipse ignites inner shiftings, bares emotional vulnerability, and invites us to re-script, re-calibrate and re-invent. It is a potent transformational time.


Moon fullness calls us to honor and celebrate all that has been received and released this cycle. Make time for this and attend to your grounding. See what is revealed by the light of moon Full and in the dark of hir eclipse. Burn away all that constrains your freedom, self-love, and empowerment in Aries fire. Invite hir to initiate new ways of seeing and Being.


From light to dark to light


waves of change
infinite, unending
natural rhythms
temporally impressive
moments extended


Lock not on one story
Look at everything at once
the web, the thread
the weave and weaver
in creation
birth, death, rebirth


Accept and let go
breath in and out
blood in and out
the path of the heart
ours to choose
a lightness of Being


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you the freedom of peace and the peace of freedom
this wondrous Full Blood Moon Eclipse.


150927_heart_inHandsSpecial Guidance for this time…

For many/most of us, this month has been a challenging time – mind, body, heart, and Spirit. Sorrow, pain, fear, and doubt have risen and challenged us to accept, release, heal, transform, re-script.

With the full super blood moon eclipse (each having it’s own element of intensity), emotions can be tumbled and destabilizing. If you have experienced any of this this month, know you are not alone. Yes, it may feel especially intense now but there are energies to draw upon – including our own threads of loving connection.


Attend to your grounding, to your feet and to your breath.

Walk barefoot on Earth, stamp, dance, breathe breathe breathe.

Draw on the powers of this full super Blood Moon Eclipse and full-fill your loving energy well.

Light candles and make for yourself a releasing cedar bath… a clearing bath of epsom salts or baking soda… a loving, stabilizing bath of lavender.


To resource your mind, keep your sights on your heart-full desire and set your intention there.


And if your mind spins, muddles and/or won’t let go, then invite inquiry:

•What needs to be released or claimed to feel and be more free, open and at peace?

•What fires need to be cooled with Piscean wisdom waters — here for us now through Neptune (love, compassion, art, divine feminine expression) and Chiron (healing, making whole) both reflectively retrograde in Pisces.

•What ignites your playfulness?

• What calls your adventuring Spirit?

•Where do you want to add fuel to a fire?


(Is your mind ready for a break yet? I’ll bet a walk in Nature, a candlelit bath, or some quiet time is looking really good right now ;)))

Most of all DO what you LOVE today!


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Moon & EclipseTimings
All times in pdt..

1807 partial eclipse begins
1857 moon rise in Vancouver BC
1911 eclipse totality starts
1948 eclipse mid totality
1950 Full Moon exact
2023 eclipse totality ends
2127 partial eclipse ends

IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
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