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Moon Full in Aries

13 Oct 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Full (exact @ 1408 PDT) in Aries


… complete, release, initiate
… courage, optimism, creativity


Moon full is a time to honour and celebrate all that has come to fruition, and all that has been released this cycle. In Aries we are called to burn away all that constrains freedom, assertiveness, self-love and personal power. It is, simultaneously, a time of completion; a time for significant purging; and a time to break free into new territory.


Usually Moon full is a time to reflect, assess and honour where we are in this moment. Moon in Aries, however, brings strong energy to take action and move forward. Aries, the sign of initiation, highlights courage, assertiveness, autonomy, and new beginnings. Aries urges us to release fear, frustration, anger, disappointment, suffering, and whatever it is that constrains us and/or really isn’t ours to hold. There’s huge potential now to fully and finally let go of a particularly challenging situation, pattern, habit and/or belief (Aries + Sun- Moon-Pluto T-square). It is a time to access the cleansing power of primordial Fire.


We are called to seek what is revealed in the light, and to confront what is hidden in the dark shadows cast by the bright Moon. We are asked to have faith and confidence in our ability to discern and self-activate (Moon-Jupiter trine). Draw on Ram’s gifts of strength, stability, agility and balance. Sense into Aries Fire to access and fuel courage and passion. Focus on what is creative, and what can be awakened and liberated within. Now is the time to empower ourselves by committing to what is most truly authentic in us. Time to initiate new ways of seeing and Being.


Moon full calls us to honour and celebrate
Aries wants to know what we will authenticate


Time to discern and liberate
Time to activate and create


Time to access the primordial Fire
Time to choose what you wish to have transpire


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you honour all that’s has come to fruition;
have the courage to let go; and
step into a new sense of freedom this Moon










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