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Moon Full in Aquarius > Pisces soon

22 Aug 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @0502 PDT) in Aquarius & in Pisces very very soon (@0542 PDT) + Virgo Sun this afternoon (@1435 PDT)


… illuminate, appreciate, integrate, celebrate …


At Moon full it’s time to stand under the fullness of the Light and see all that has been illuminated. It’s a time to reflect on all that has been given and received this cycle, and all that come into being. A time to honour and celebrate the wisdom in our lives.


Once again Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon bring strength, creativity, confidence, new insights, and new ideas. They help keep our minds open; give us the courage (Leo) to trust our intuition and try new things (Aqua); and increase our drive to seek personal and collective freedom. Together they again highlight and reinforce the need to harmonize and integrate opposing/polarized forces no matter how challenging. It’s a time to both embrace revolutionary thinking (Aqua), and to live from the heart (Leo). A time to focus on what is just/right; and what brings joy (Jup-Moon conj).


This time carries expansive energy, lifts our mood, and helps us connect to something bigger than ourselves (Jup-Moon). Sun and Moon are now both in the final degrees of their signs and all that is Leo and Aquarius is amplified. Leo Sun & Aqua Moon remind us that our strength, power, courage, out-of-the-box-thinking, deep self-care, and creative self-expression is always available to us. All that we have exercised and/or experienced in the past carries energy that can be used and applied to whatever is ahead. It’s a good time to anchor that knowing in the roots of our Being (4 -and soon 5- planets in Earth signs). And time too to remember and feed our hopes, visions, purpose and aims (Jup-Moon conj).


Very soon Moon will move into watery Pisces (40′ after Moon full exact) inviting us to feel into the courage, strength, confidence and freedom of Leo and Aquarius, and use the feelings/knowings as fuel for new dreaming. In a few hours Sun will also shift, leaving Leo for practical Virgo. This is opportune for the time as Virgo helps us tend to the sorting, ordering and organising tasks of wrapping up this cycle; and prepares us to ready ourselves for nourishing in the feminine deep.


It’s time to reflect, assimilate, and integrate all that has occurred this cycle; weed-out any negative or limiting beliefs; and gain greater clarity (6 planets now retrograde). Time to welcome deeper insights (Uranus-R). Time to immerse in the fullness and and receive all the gifts and wonders that are pouring in. Time to remember and be present to all that delights and brings joy. Time to begin to turn inward and make way for more time with you and you.


Under this Moon full bright
see all that’s come to light


Embrace sensitivity, enhance receptivity
Immerse in radiant Love and creativity


Celebrate abundance, peace, beauty and unity
Nourish personal and universal harmony


Ancient strength resides within
Time to treasure your own skin


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you feel lovingly radiant,
uniquely inspired and
expansively free this Moon











IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Goddess: cut & modified image from Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Santa Clara | Fish: cut & modifed from paper image; artist unknown | Water Bearer (in Moon): cut from Eski Wallpaper | Gerbera (a Leo flower): cut & modified image from Landscape Ontario