Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Aquarius + Lunar Eclipse


Moon Full in Aquarius + Lunar Eclipse

26 Jul 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

Moon Full (exact at 1320h pdt) and lunar eclipse in Aquarius


… purification, transformation,
love and freedom


Eclipses, like full Moons, are a time of completion and celebration. They are also gateways to new possibilities and a great time for reflection, release, integration, and transformation. With this eclipse we are reminded that change requires both courage and action (Mars-R conjunct eclipse/Moon). In Aquarius we are urged to release unproductive, out-worn patterns and any resistance to breaking free. The involvement of Mars-R points to qualities to leave behind (aggression, dominance, abuse, insecurity). Change is demanded (Uranus); actions must be reviewed (Mars-R); and we need to be more ‘pure’ in our communications (Merc-R).


The general consensus is that this Blood/Blessings Moon eclipse* is a powerful one, especially for clearing what’s been stuck (6/10 planets in fixed signs; 6/10 retrograde planets). In concert with a number of Earth-Sky aspects, there is the possibility for radical change and creating a significant shift in the ways we think and act. This eclipse will be the longest eclipse of the century (103′) enabling us to move deeper, and to become more aware of issues that may remain concealed. Yes, eclipses demand we delve into the shadow. We can expect some unconscious wildness may be unleashed this Moon (Moon conjunct Mars-R + T-square to Uranus). Get ready to dance. Seriously! Open to great purification and dive in to change.


Now is the time to tune to inner child and to heart wisdom. Time to remember all that delights and brings joy, and to embrace the urge to create (Merc-R in Leo). It’s a time to look at the libraries of your heart and Spirit for empowering tales, myths and magick. Invite in new healing (Sun-Chiron trine) and magnetize love-charged desires (Venus-Pluto trine). Ground deeply and embrace both intuitive and practical gifts (supported by Saturn-Uranus trine). Yes, look deep into the shadow and bring in the Light. Envision new awakening, deep sacred knowing, and expansive well-being for each and All.


Under blessed Moon blood red
decide what is to be fed


Old beliefs and conflicts excavate
Time to renovate and elevate


Into the shadows shine the Light like a beacon
with love, joy and freedom, create a new Eden


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you insightful reflection, profound releasing, and
gentle transformation this Moon eclipse.
May you honor and celebrate all that you do and Be.



*The eclipse won’t be visible in North America (pout) but perhaps some of you in more southern regions (Australia, Asia, Africa, S.America, parts of Europe) will get to witness the event. Wow!









IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: sculpture: cut & modified a photo by thatstakao on deviant Art | blood moon (is behind urn): cut & modified a photo by Mike Borman on Sky & Telescope