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First Moon

01 Jan 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

IMG_140101DreamCatcher_CROPtripleconjunction1208Greetings 2014 and Blessings to the New and Beginnings!

I wonder how you all are this day and what has engaged you. Have you been restful? Are you looking forward to 2014 beginning today and its unfolding? What have you been imagining? I suspect you have received many messages from various places and have been called to set intentions, write resolutions, and declare your commitments.

And what an auspicious time! The energies – cultural, solar, lunar – are all poised for beginnings.

It’s the 1st day of 2014.
It’s the 11th day of the new solar year
And it’s ‘new’ moon, the first moon of the year, and one of two to occur in January.

The energy for feeling into what is to come and what you wish to call into being, is high and strong.

Some of you may have already set the threads of intention that will weave through the year and can see the year unfolding with markers along the way. You may be eager to begin. Some of you may also be looking forward to new cycles but, for the moment, may be feeling more inclined to curl up by a fire or go for a long walk, or just rest awake with an openness to what is to come. Either way…

It is the Dark of the Moon.

It is time to find the still point. The place of breath-full spaciousness, of clean air emptiness and abundant fullness. The place where time stands still and is infinite in the moment. Some say it’s a step out of time; I feel it’s stepping into ‘real’ time, natural, earthy, cosmic together, whole.

It is the 11th day of the new solar cycle here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is January. Nothing is planted in January. This is the dreaming time. Time for wandering and wondering. Time for imagining.

Gardeners will sit with seed catalogues. They will reflect on what grew well last year and of these, what they will plant again perhaps in a different place or in the same. They will consider what new things they might plant, where and when. They will wonder about what the conditions need to be to support these plantings, and what care and nourishment is needed to ensure that all that is grown can flourish. And they will imagine what the beds will look like throughout the year. What colors will be brought in, what scents, what feels, what beauty will be in the surround. And they will see where they will sit, gaze out and gain their own nourishment.

The wondering time. The imagining time. The dreaming into being time. The time gifted by January in the northern hemisphere year.

Sink in to the Dreaming Dear Ones. Strong arms and loving hearts hold you. Dream for the greatest good for you and all creation. Let the dream unfold itself with your expansive willingness to receive and to share. Watch as the waxing moon shines more and more light on the dreaming. Be awed by the wonder of it. This is your calling, for you and for all that are graced by this new dream.

Sending you much love, much light, and the sweetest and most powerful of dreams.
Nurture your Nature,
Wisdom Wild,