Wisdom Wild | Happy Equinox


Happy Equinox

22 Sep 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Happy Equinox! & Sun in Libra (exact @1221 PDT)


… reap and sow. balance and peace


It is Equinox, a time when the length of day and night is ~equal. Sun moves into Libra at the same time.


It’s a time to come into stillness. A time to ground all that nourishes balance, and release to the winds all that interferes with the same.


In the North it’s a time to gather the harvest and to set the lands for rest.
In the South it’s time to nourish the soils and plant new seeds.


North or South, Earth calls us to connect with hir natural rhythms, hir heart, and hir art in everything.


It’s a time for sacred honouring


It is a time to…


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you feel in to peace, balance, and sacredness this Moon


Wishing you the blessings of Equinox & all the seeds you sow