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EQUINOX and Aries Sun

20 Mar 2023, by Fiona in moon&sky, turnings

Welcome Equinox & Aries Sun (exact at 1425 pdt)
+Moon Dark in Aries Soon… balance, harmony, rebirth, new beginnings… 


Welcome Equinox and Aries Sun. Equinox reminds us of the need to find balance and harmony – between rest and activity, receiving and giving, feminine and masculine, and dark and Light. Today the deep dreaming of Pisces Sun gives way to Aries. In a few hours Pisces Moon gives way to Moon dark-new in Aries too. Endings and beginnings. Dreaming into action.


The shift in season and the rise of Firey Aries energy re-ignites the Fire within (4 & soon 5 planets in Aries). Expect renewed passion, new inspiration, fresh motivation, and an eagerness to get moving. Another significant shift this week focusses on awakening and enacting a new collective consciousness (Pluto in Aqua for 1st time in >200 years). Expect transformation, new ways of Being, and progress on a global scale.


The energy of new beginnings is powerful and strongly fuels and supports whatever we may initiate. The momentum builds throughout the season with an additional boost at next new Moon (also in Aries & at ttl solar eclipse). And in midst of all this activity, balance is well-supported (fem/masc relative balance throughout) as is healing, rejuvenation and deep self-care (Mars>Cancer Saturday).


It is time to presence Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Root, Breath, flame and Grace. Time to stand in the harmony of feminine and masculine. Time to feel into the stillness point of dark and Light in equal measure. And time to move, ablaze with inner Fire, to express and embody the dreams of Self, Spirit and Soul.


Pisces steeped us in watery dreaming
Aries sparks us into awakening


Flow with Water, rise with Fire
Activate all that inspires


Move sensitively and purposefully
strengthen intention-action unity


Time to nurture and nourish
all that you would have flourish


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


May your heart-felt intentions and your wise ways
flow into new forms this Moon



North or South, Spring or Fall,
embrace theMagicks of the Season






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