Wisdom Wild | Equinox & Libra Season begins


Equinox & Libra Season begins

22 Sep 2022, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Equinox & Libra Season (exact at 1804 pdt)


… reap & sow
… balance, harmony, peace … 


It is Equinox, a time when the length of day and night is ~equal. It is also the beginning of Libra season.


There’s a strong call to pause, reflect, recharge and reconsider the ways we spend our energy (waning Moon + 7 planets retrograde); and to find the balance and flow of giving and receiving, contracting and expanding (Eqnx +Libra season).


It’s a time to come into stillness. A time to ground all that nourishes balance; and release to the winds all that interferes with the same.


In the North it’s time when Nature is beginning to shed, release, and let go; a time to gather the harvest and to set the lands for rest.


In the South it’s time to nourish the soils and plant new seeds; a time when Nature begins to re-emerge and bloom.


North or South, Earth calls us to connect with hir natural rhythms, hir heart, and hir art in everything.


It’s a time for sacred honouring,


And, always, it is a time to…


Nurture your Nature
Wisdom Wild
with Love & Light


May you feel in to balance, peace, and sacredness this Season









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