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Doors & Passages

16 Dec 2013, by Fiona in turnings

IMG_13Sol4e_EntranceCompilnx385wwThe Winter Solstice season is a time of much contemplation; there’s something about the dark that calls that in.

As I prepare the doorway and the path into Home this season, I reflect on what doors I have opened this year and which ones I’ve been called to close. I consider what doors will stand open or be opened in the coming year. I imagine what I will step into, what I will carry with me  and what will be left behind.

Doorways, gateways, thresholds, pathways, passages, are all such powerful things, or can be. The very idea of them calls to me. Possibilities, wonderings, wanderings. And the calling feels ancient. Perhaps it’s because they are so much a part of sacred places and journey ways. And I think of how such places so often have Guardians, at the gate, around the door, along the path, and I smile.

I place a wreathe on the door. An evergreen circle, eternal, complete.  A w/holysphere.

The lanterns are lit in warm welcome; sacred herbs release soft scent.

The ‘guardian’ deeper in is a Solstice Cat (of course ;)) and has her eyes on you.  Silver bells hang on silver branches on the landing at her feet.

Those that come this way may brush the branches and evoke their sounds. The sounds are the voices of playful faeries, and they are the magick that gives angels wings. They are here to remind you of where you are: a sacred place, a playful place, a place where magick lives and is born. Do you hear them? Are you smiling in delight? I hope so, for that is the intention.

In this moment, may you again feel-know your playfulness, your magick, your sacred Being.

What doors will you hold open this season? What new doors will be opened in the coming year? I wonder. Do tell.

For Light, Love, Magick and Wisdom,

Nurture your Nature

with love