Wisdom Wild | Dark/New Moon + Wood Sheep Year


Dark/New Moon + Wood Sheep Year

18 Feb 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150218_comp1-2x385Greetings of New Moon, Pisces and Wood Sheep Year!
Many wonders to unfurl.


This Moon is the 5th of five consecutive new Moons at 00 degrees (exact at 1547pst ). Just moments later, this 2nd new Moon of the year in Aquarius shifts into Pisces along with the Sun. Now begins the Wood Sheep Year. Portals of the Moon, of the Sun, and of the Spirit now opening.


The energy of this time (astrological, numerological, seasonal, and more) is about both beginnings and endings. It is a time to breathe out fully, to release and clear space for the new.


Breathe now deeply in…. and let go. Breathe again to open an expansive place and let your Spirit flow.


Energies of Aquarius and Pisces invite and support our calling to the greatest good for all (Mercury, Vesta, Sun and Moon in Aquarius) and to wise compassion and nurturing of ourselves (Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars in Pisces). Sweet sheep provides time to branch out and explore. It is a gentle year to strengthen and deepen foundations, and to imagine into form the calling of the Soul.


See the spiraling horns of the Ram as a symbol of creativity, imagination and innovation. Look into the eyes of the new born lamb and feel the softness of hir fur. Strength and gentleness. Art and Beauty. Joy and Compassion. Gifts for us each and All.


Be still now and anchor creativity deeply. Flow into the void both empty and full. Open now to dreaming in the mystery. Welcome the magick, the Beauty and the Joy. Nourish these this lunar year.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light