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DarkMoon New Light

17 Jun 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150616_comp3-mergeCROP-x385Welcome Moon Dark and New


Yesterday began with dark Moon (exact at 0705 pdt) in Gemini; later she moved into compassionate Cancer (as of 1551pdt) where she is still today.


It is a time of new beginnings. Fire supports our movement (Jupiter, Uranus & Venus all in fire signs). We are graced with inspiration and wisdom (Sun, Mars, Mercury all in Gemini); and various alignments gift us with clarity and ease of flowing presence.


Sense the stirrings within your LaLuna cocoon
Feel into the whispers and sparkles that rise from the deep, and
into the seeds and jewels that now wish to speak


Listen and see clearly what your heart calls to have be.


It is time for emerging from darkMoon’s duvee
and gently unfurling open fresh wings
to welcome beginnings the new Light now brings


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you gentle re-emergence and
the de-Light of wind-filled wings!

 IMAGE NOTES: White feather photo by Angler on UglyHedgehog.com | Crab cut from photo by Jam Shim 2008 | Damselfly by AlanBaker Guardian Wallcharts.