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Moon Dark-new in Virgo

09 Sep 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-new (exact @ 1101 pdt) in Virgo


… grounding wholeness; practical wisdom


This Moon dark presents a powerful new beginning. Feminine and Earthy energy are very strong (10 planets in feminine signs; 7 of them in Earth!). The power of Virgo (Sun, Moon & Mercury) continues to urge us to clean, clear, reorganize, and re-center inside and out. She calls us to purify, refine, and more deeply align with both our inner wisdom, and the heart of Earth. We are asked to focus on home, health, and our connection to Nature. It is a time to release all that blocks emotional freedom, spontaneity, joy, and fun with others. It is time to ground the wholeness of our inspired well-being.


We are hugely supported in our undertakings (abundance of feminine & earthy energies + Grand Earth Trine – Mercury, Saturn, Uranus). Strongly grounded, our ability to concentrate and focus is uber high. Elevated thinking provides us with both a wide scope and an eye to detail. Access to intuition is increased. Freedom and security are blended and balanced enabling us to more easily open to new pathways and new ways of doing/being. We are excited and motivated by creative ideas.


The depth and breadth of opportunities provided to us at the beginning of this cycle are expanded and magnified. Our efforts seem to be magnetized, drawing in what we need, and it feels like our efforts are blessed (Moon, Jupiter and Pluto alignments). We are more likely now to crave deeper, more meaningful and intimate connections. We are drawn to look beneath the surface and into the shadows where subtle issues become more obvious (Venus now in Scorpio). All our thoughts and plans are infused with positivity and harmony (Saturn now direct) though we are cautioned to be wary of worldly illusion. This is a time to tap into imagination and sensitively balance hard work and the power of dreams (Virgo/Moon – Pisces/Neptune opposition).


Moon dark-new brings practical wisdom
Enter into Nature’s sacred rhythm


In the Earthy ground and the feminine deep
realign and revitalize all in your keep


Now is the time to expand your radiant heart
through the Earth and Cosmos, express your sacred arts


Nurture your Nature
ith Love and Light


May the sacred be ensouled in all your acts this Moon











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