Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Taurus


Moon Dark-New in Taurus

04 May 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @ 1545 PDT) in Taurus


… sensory experience. simplicity, stability, patience


Moon dark calls us to begin to stir from the feminine deep. Gentle and slow, it’s time to stretch and rise. In Taurus we come into form, grounded, connected, and enticed to tune to our senses. What has been shifting solidifies; what has wavered strengthens. Simplicity, deep nourishment of all the senses, and attention to practical basics and ‘doing the work,’ are key themes of the time.


Calm and steady energies build under Taurus Sun and Moon but change continues to be in the air (Uranus in Taurus). Our task is to find the most innovative, (re)creative ways to work with our time and resources, both internal and external. We are encouraged to connect with our Muse (Moon-Neptune), move slow and steady (Earth energy + retrogrades), and ensure we find time to enjoy Nature’s riches (Taurus).


This is a fertile time to set intentions. We are strongly supported by various energetic forces and alignments. The powers of discipline, patience, stability, clarity, calmness, and steadiness are all strengthened (5 planets in Earth signs, 3 in Taurus + Sun/Moon-Saturn trine). We will likely be blessed with fresh insights (Merc-Uranus) and we can expect a stimulating wave of confidence and optimism to flow in this weekend (Mars-Jupiter Sunday).


Time to relish in the senses and become more in-bodied. Time to connect with Nature and immerse in Earth’s beauty. Time to invest in what creates more freedom, spaciousness and inspiration. Time to nurture our sacred seeds and plant a re-envisioned future.


Look into the Earth of your Being
Source the sacred seeds that are singing


Arise out of the stillness and move slow
Tune to the senses wherever you go


Time to create beauty and spacious freedom
Time to envision new futures for the kin-dom


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you sensuous stretches & spacious freedom,
deep grounding, & delight-full inspiration this Moon









IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Bull: cut & modified image found at Hillwalk Tours | Lavender Tree: cut & modified image from Jardin botanique de Montréal