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Moon Dark-New in Taurus

14 May 2018, by Fiona in Uncategorized

Greetings of Moon Dark-New (exact @ 0448 PDT) in Taurus


 — Grounding essence, vision and freedom


These are very Earthy times (6 planets now in Earth signs; 4 in Taurus). A very strong call to ground deeply; and to enjoy the sensual delights and beauty of Earth.


Moon dark-new in Taurus invites us to appreciate all that we have and all that we do to nurture and protect what we value. Time too to tune to the essence of all that we desire; and to create radiant dreams and glowing visions of our aspirations.


There is some shifting afoot that provides opportunities to elevate the work. Just a few hours after Moon dark-new, Uranus moves into Taurus. After 7+ years in Aries initiating action for change, we now enter a time of learning how to ground and sustain the changes. We are also being urged to delve deeper into Earth’s mysteries, electrify ancient wisdoms, and develop future visions that honor legacy, creativity, freedom and presence.


  • Uranus in Taurus will be an interesting dance. Uranus is the awakener, liberator, and change-maker seeking to bring down old forms and find new ways for greater and greater respect and freedom. Taurus rather likes security, stability, routine, and comfort. I expect each archetype will inform the other in our personal and collective evolution. So many gifts.


Ultimately, we are called to take risks in order to feel stronger and more securely connected to source, Earthly and divine. The emphasis is on personal and collective liberation; and a new vision of the future (Uranus shift+ Mars>Aquarius tonight). The timing is purr-fect with Moon dark-new. Now is the time to dream in, craft an emboldened vision, and plant intentions ever more precisely aligned with Earth and Cosmos.


This Moon dark-new, delight in the sensual
Explore essences multidimensional

Find seeds that hold what’s most profound
Plant them deeply in rich, firm ground

What you love is your decision
Hone your vision with precision

Hands in soil, feet on Earth
claim your transcendent rebirth


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you the discover of presence, essence, deep sense,
and transcendent visioning this Moon











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