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Moon Dark-New in Scorpio

27 Oct 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @ 2038 PDT) in Scorpio

… metamorphosis. release, transform, revitalize


Moon dark-new is a time for releasing, shifting, and seeding new ideas and new ways of seeing and Being. In Scorpio it is a time of emotional intensity; potent insights; and both destructive and creative powers. The central focus of this cycle is deep healing, renewal and transformation. It is a significantly self-empowering time. A time to immerse in feminine energy (8/11 planets in feminine signs) and tune to the wisdom within.


Scorpio asks us to explore and emulate the cycle of life, death and rebirth. We are called to sift through the layers of our past and access what has been buried; to clear, cleanse, shed and/or transform what no longer serves; and to claim our personal life-affirming power. Energy available now is immense for illumination, transformational healing, and new creation.


Light shines into the deepest dark and spurs spirit-aligned healing (Scorpio Sun). Our senses are enlivened (Scorpio Moon); we are able to see and feel patterns more clearly (Mercury in Scorpio). Although we may feel a bit restless or shakey at times, we are assisted in breaking through what is out-moded; transforming the past; and liberating new truth (Sun/Moon-Uranus opposition). It is a powerful time for releasing and inviting new forms into being.


Now is the time to release, release, release whatever disempowers. Time to connect deeply to sacred source. Time to empower Spirit connection. Time to tune to the ancient wisdom within us and Earth. Time to set intentions and plant new seeds. Time to surrender into freedom. Time to shed old skins and unfurl new wings.


Immerse yourself in deepest feeling
Open to a most profound healing


Through the layers, deep, deep, deep
awaken what’s laid asleep


Give Spirit room to break old norms
It is time to birth your grace-filled forms


Time to trust to quantum space
Personal power now embrace


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you sweet release,
brilliant transforming &
radiant rebirth this Moon










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