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Dark of the Moon and New

05 Sep 2013, by Fiona in creatures, moon&sky

Hello Dear Ones!bearDaisy

How have you been these days of the waning moon? Did you feel a bit more  breath and space for a few days after the full moon? (I did. Whew! Needed ;)) And then, oh the Grand Water Trine – Earth and Water can make for some slippery slopes! :) “I was going that way/doing this and then Whoops!” A slip, an unexpected surprise, an interruption. Yup, that speaks to some of the bumps and energies about.

Have you been shifting between feel-good, creative on-track, and pressures of must dos?  Between “Yes!” and, “Well, maybe, maybe not”?  Between your internal knowing and external ‘authority’/demands?  Between “I want to sleep, dream, go to bed, get away from it all” and “Let’s get to work! It’s time to create! Make it happen!”

If you have, you’re not alone. And if you have had some rocky moments, no wonder. There is sooo much going on. So many planets shifting relationships  with varying kinds of alignments, conjunctions, oppositions, and push-pulls.  Even the most skilled change dancers have had some turmoil along the way.  Creative tension in the air – and, just so you know, it’s likely to intensify over the next six weeks or so.

Let’s start from where we are. Since last I wrote to you, the sun has moved from Leo to Virgo and we have shifted into a bit more complexity. Virgo is distinctly feminine and therefore more complicated, multi-layered, mutable. Other planetary relations add more to this and provide both challenge and support.

Right now we sit in the Dark of the moon, about 3 days until the first light of the new moon appears. If you’ve been attuned to the waning moon, you’re likely more aware of what has and hasn’t been working.  It’s a good time for deep meditation, for both releasing and visioning. A time to have a bit of break from the  outer world, to rest. A time to refresh yourself, nurture your nature, senses attuned, wonder-fully aware of being alive.

Listen to your intuitions. Note that it’s more easy to discipline yourself right now. Overall, this is a good time for quiet preparation because once the New Moon arrives, you’ll want to take advantage of the energy available for your goals, next steps and new projects.

And this  New Moon could get serious. There’s lots of shifting going and with Mars square Saturn and the Nodes all week, there’s creative tension and it’s time to act. Saturn wants financial and material security; Mars in Scorpio wants to play, create, do something new. The challenge is to stay in balance, to stay light, and light-attuned.

It’s time to get to work, to sink into something that requires a lot of focus and energy (good outlet if there’s frustration about how slow things can go sometimes).  Be aware that sudden unexpected events may occur that are designed to break down the old and break through to something new. As always, the more we resist or are attached to what is, the more challenging. Surrender and trust continue to be keys for navigating these times. And some days are easier than others :)

I think we need some Snake medicine here (remember, it’s the year of the Water Snake). Here’s a poem by Gloria Rohlfs  that helps to remind us that:

Snake medicine is with us.
We can pretend our skin is not shedding,
we can attempt to remain underground, curled up and quaking…
Or we can embrace the magic of our transmutation,
Chew on our life, swallow and savor it,
Slither out of our skin and leap out of ruts with passion,
Swirl into new experiences and dance,
Then feel the sun on our skin and dream.

Bear medicine is also called forth. Last night in the wee hours I heard some rustling in the backyard. I flashed a light and there s/he was; a young black bear pulling on the fig tree. It was 430am (the dark/new moon point was 0436h). Bear speaks to trusting and following your own unique rhythms – not those of others. You have the resources within. Go deep, feed your potential, come out, do not hide.

Raccoon also spoke to me two days ago  (just by the way, Raccoon is related to Bear.) Longer story short, the efforts of some children who posted signs saying “Save the raccoons of Hoskins Road”, and a educational visit by a conservation officer, resulted in the release of a trapped baby raccoon to its mother, and a more educated, now raccoon-positive fellow no longer seeks to eradicate raccoons. Yippee! The moral and message? We’ve go to get along, get out, and make it happen.  Join hands; like it or not, we’re in this together. Raccoon medicine includes curiosity and that too is a great boon to remember and activate.

So Dear Ones, use the energies of the dark of the moon and the new to boost your own level of joy. It is good, it is creative. Feed the healing (the water trine continues to support). Stay Light in midst of it all. Sense into the feeling of balance fueled by Spirit.

Nurture your Nature Dear Ones,
Much love