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Dark-New Virgo Moon & Eclipse

12 Sep 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150912_COMP1-merge_x385Greetings this
Moon Dark-New
(exact at @ 2341 pdt)
and eclipse in Virgo…

and  a whole lot of shifting going on!


This new Moon is a portal (or trigger ;)) for deep and powerful transformation. The energies of dark-new Moon in Virgo are magnified and amplified by a partial solar eclipse (greatest at 2355 pdt), and are enhanced and expanded by Jupiter (also in Virgo). In Virgo we are called to beauty and usefulness; to join together Spirit and Matter/s.


The Neptune-Jupiter Opposition is almost exact. Neptune wants to merge deeper and more mystically with everything – and Jupiter elevates that ‘everything.’ Pluto (in Capricorn) trines the new Moon eclipse bringing grounded insights (there’s that spirit & matter again) and calls us to focus on our deepest passions. It’s time to refresh intentions and take passions to new places.


This is a time of fresh release, new creations, and vibrational realignment.


Pause, Breathe, Pause, Release.
Pause, Breathe, Pause, Release.


Root Spirit in Earth deep and
honor the Earth-Spirit truth of you and All
Immerse in Sacred space
Sink into the feminine divine


In the space without time
without boundary
without veils,
expand all senses and
open to all that is


It is time to activate Spirit in all matter/s
and express Spirit in all practical forms
Time to weave ritual, ceremony and meaning
into everything we choose to do


Time to wonder into new seeds awakening
Time to wonder into you.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


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LOOKING AHEAD . . . … There’s a lot of shifting going on this cycle/month


Between now and our next communication at the 1st quarter Moon, Mercury will move retrograde (Sep 17 @1109pdt) and Saturn will move out of Scorpio into Sagittarius (Sep17 @1924pdt). MercR in Libra gives us space again to step back,


look far and wide, and reflect upon beauty and harmony.

Sag-Saturn supports and stabilizes the eclipse energies and calls us to focus on our core values, and to


live deeply in the Earth-Spirit truth of you.

At the midpoint of its 13 year cycle, the Neptune (Pisces)-Jupiter(Virgo) opposition will also be exact on Sep 17. A big day, and more shifts ahead so

nourish deeply in the divine feminine deep.

Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light