Wisdom Wild | Dark Moon Waxing


Dark Moon Waxing

28 Jun 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

h20fem_woman-in-sparkling-waterx385EDGreetings of the waxing Dark Moon…


Sun in Cancer, Dark Moon in Cancer, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn in the watery realms as well. Yes, a big showing in the water signs. Mercury still retrograde so timings may be unexpected ;).


Let it flow.


Yes, sensitivity may increase and emotions may be intensified. Emotions  may be of many kinds; remember that among them  are feelings of compassion and empathy. Sense-you-all. Water and Cancer are all about feeling.


It is a deep feminine wisdom time. Both Cancer and the Dark Moon time call us to create space and time for resting, feeling, nourishing, nurturing, rejuvenating. Seek what you need inside.


Feel into the flow of water. Seek out ocean, lake, stream. Stand in the rain; dance barefoot in the dew. If these things are not possible, have a bath, a shower, myst yourself with scented water. Refresh. Cleanse. Let go. Step in to the flow.


Here in the North with summer full, the land is abundant. This is time to Love All Things. It is a fully sensual. A time to deeply sense you and all.


Breathe in the scent of the soil, fresh grasses, herbs, fruits and flowers.
Taste the sweet and fresh delights
See the beauty in many wondrous forms.
Feel water running through hands, flowing over your body, cloaking you in its liquid grace.
Listen to the sounds of tide on shore, trickling brooks, wind in the trees.
Feel the wind’s caress.
Feel the heat of the sun, and the flame. Be warmed by the fire within.


And in the dark, look to the sky. In this time before the first thin moon crescent appears, consider, What sparkles draw you near? What stars within you do you wish to bring out to shine this cycle? Wonder…


And as always,
Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light