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Dark Moon Lights

25 Sep 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

firstCrescen_croptAhh… the first light appears…


As the suns moves into the darkening, the moon reminds us of the light still to be nourished and welcomed in the night. At it’s darkest the day following Equinox, the Moon now begins to slowly light up again. A remembering that Light is always somewhere, and always returns.


Tonight, if the sky is clear, seek the fine thin crescent. Cherish also the light inside awaiting birth this cycle. Be awed and wonder in to it’s form and expressive desire. Nourish this Light as you are also nourished by the still rapture of the dark.


Carry forward the light and dark balance of Equinox. Rest and replenish these darkening days in the home of the inner knowing of you. As the Moon light shines every brighter in the coming days, feel the flowers of you awaken and unfold more brightly too.


Tend to the essence cradled in the depth of your inner hearth and to the new a’borning brilliance of you.


No matter what may come or be,


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light