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Moon Dark-New in Libra

28 Sep 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Moon Dark-New (exact @ 1126 PDT) in Libra


… boundaries, justice & dynamic balance


Moon dark new initiates a new cycle of possibilities. In Libra (Sun, Moon, Merc, Venus & Mars soon), we are called to focus on balance, boundaries, justice, and our commitment to truth and ideals. It is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and new/revised intentions.


Yes, for many/most, the last weeks have been a tough ride through challenging times. Along the way we’ve likely learned that some things can’t be mended or ‘fixed’ (Chiron) and that we need to adjust and move on in slightly different ways. Recent shiftings may have already made things more workable and there is a greater sense of fair play in the air (Wood Dog month). Now Moon dark provides us the opportunity to begin anew.


As we move on through this cycle, we will have repeated opportunities to tear down what doesn’t serve; to release and transform fear; and to build strength and integrity (Pluto influence). We will also have repeated opportunities to exercise discipline and commitment; claim our own authority, and increase our sense of security (Saturn/wise elder influence). Okay, so it’s may not be what we would call ‘smooth’ sailing ahead but, in my view, it’s not anything a wind board or a kiteboard couldn’t handle ;).


It’s time to take a deep breathe of fresh Air. Time to harness the wind and dance in. Time to find dynamic balance. Time to rise up from the feminine deep and move into new Light once again.


Release fears and unneeded cares
Breathe in the freshness of new Air


Listen for the sounds of Cardinal and Crow
Embrace what you know; vision what you can grow


Invite the wind to lift your wings
Tis time to create your everything


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you a new / renewed sense of clarity, strength &
personal empowerment this Moon









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