Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Leo


Moon Dark-New in Leo

18 Aug 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @1942 PDT) in Leo


… illuminate, empower, radiate
… and love, laugh & play ;) … 


Moon dark-new opens us to a time for new emergence, new beginnings, new growth and expansion (more energy for all with Wood Monkey month beginning today). Fire-y energy motivates action, creativity and expression; Earthy energy helps keep us grounded (5 planets in Fire signs; 4 in Earth signs). Masculine and feminine energies are fairly balanced (5 planets in masc signs; 6 in feminine) so we have lots of support for will and determination; and to tend to our hearts and self-care. Time to gather energy for outward expression.


Leo brings freedom, inspiration, warmth, courage, creativity and love. We are called to express our power, presence, and passion; to speak our minds and our heart-truth; and to take a stand (Fire energy w/ 3 planets in Leo). Strength, stamina and warrior energy increases (Sun/Moon-Mars trine) and sets hearts and minds afire (Moon-Mars-Merc). Powers of conviction, confidence, and courage are heightened (Sun-Moon-Merc stellium)


This time emphasizes creativity and self-expression; and, with Leo, it’s all about identity and our personal stories. It’s a time to burn away old stories that limit our radiance; and time to step into our own unique ways of Being: “to thine self be true” (addnl support from Venus-Uranus). We also now have greater access to multidimensional perspectives; greater openness to new ideas and insights; and greater possibility of creating new neural connections (Uranus-Rx as of last Sat). Yes, there may be some obstacles or ‘shadows’ along the way (Saturn effect + ongoing Jup-Sat-Pluto) but these should be seen merely as a reality check. Learning, adaptability and a focus on practicality will continue to illuminate our path.


It’s a time to Fire up passion, creativity, and excitement. Time to tune to “I am.” Time to feed our inner-Fire and fuel the warrior in our hearts. Time to renew our sense of self and purpose. Time to be imbued with strength, wisdom, compassion, confidence, courage and playfulness. Time to plant new seeds. Time for renewal and rebirth.


This Moon dark-new dance with the flames
seek all that serves your heart-felt aims


Tune to all to which you aspire
fears, doubts and lacks now set afire


Feel your heart fill-up and expand
Embrace the power in your hands


Play, love, joy and courage sing
Express your radiant everything


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May warmth, Love, courage, passion, playfulness & boldness
fill your heart & Spirit this Moon










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Lion sculpture: cut & modified image found at Rosetta Sculpture | Lion cubs: cut & modified. Source N/A