Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Gemini


Moon Dark-New in Gemini

22 May 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @ 1039 PDT) in Gemini


… knowledge, connection, expression …


Moon dark-new opens a new cycle of possibilities. In Gemini we are eager for lots of everything. She activates desires for logic, reason, knowledge, and interaction; and she inspires new plans. We are called into our most flexible, adaptable, stimulating and playful selves. Gemini is of the mind, gifted with language, heightened awareness, and sharp perception; and the ability to entertain a multitude of diverse ideas. It is time to expand our vision, integrate polar opposites, and find the unity underlying duality. Time to follow beauty and truth; and wonder into connections and possibilities of all kinds.


Air energy is blowing strong helping us be flexible, adaptable and ready for movement. Some of the energies that are about may pull us in different directions (eg Merc/Venus-Nep and Sun/Moon-Sat) but we’ve lots of stations that are ‘expert’ at embracing and negotiating those pulls (7 planets in mutable signs; 5 of these in Gemini). It’s true that conflicting needs may be demanding attention and cause some irritation or impatience (Sun/Moon sq Mars) but we have strong harmonizing, supportive influences as well.


We will likely feel more grounded and stable, and find it easier to focus and maintain practical discipline (Sun/Moon-Sat trine). Our understanding and compassion is increasing, and energy is ripe for creative works and for exploring new interests (Sun/Moon trine Jup). Possibilities are opening to a ‘higher’, more progressive set of ideas and ideals (Sun/Moon-Saturn trine) and there are increased opportunities for healing (Merc/Venus-Nep sq). In any case, the divine feminine continues to awaken (8/11 planets in fem signs); we may well be drawn to knowing about a multiplicity of things and to seeing the unity underlying All (Merc-Venus conj).


Time to dive into a multiplicity of possibilities. Time to dance with opposites and light up purpose and meaning. Time to let Bee (one of Gemini’s totems) lead you to the sweetest nectar. Time to breathe, ground and be stillness in motion. Time to seed beauty, truth and all that we love.


Gently arise from the feminine dark
Begin to prepare to ignite new sparks


Fly through rainbows far and wide
Dance with Spirit as your guide


Embrace and blend all that appears
Expand into your soul-full sphere


Choose the seeds that you will nourish
Choose now what you will have flourish


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May multiplicity and simplicity
in the world and within
bring delights of beauty, truth and wonder this Moon











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Main ImageBronze Twins: cut & modified  image found at Secondlife Marketplace | Fern: cut & modified image found at Luxury Gardens Sri Lanka