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Moon Dark-New in Gemini

02 Jun 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Dark-New (exact 190603 @ 0302 PDT) in Gemini


… simplify, focus, ground, center …


Moon dark-new opens a new cycle of energy and possibilities. In Gemini she inspires new plans for action, emphasizes the power of words, and summons thoughtfulness (Sun, Moon, Merc all in Gemini + Moon opposite Jupiter). She carries us ‘between’ and dances us amidst multiple opportunities often pulling us in opposite directions. Our challenge is find stillness (a core Gemini learning) and to stay centered and grounded in our core values.


Gemini season is the season for learning. Our mental energies are stimulated; we are more curious and eager for new knowledge; and our minds are activating informational connections at a rapid pace. We are newly opened to creative solutions, the possibilities of change, and different lifestyles (Moon w/ ongoing Venus-Saturn-Pluto trine +Merc-Jup-Nep T-square). Although things may get a bit scattered and/or complicated, we are supported in moving between dimensions and beyond ordinary boundaries (Moon-Nep square); and in finding ways to identify, address and speak to deeper needs honestly and transparently (Venus-Saturn).


It’s the last new Moon before eclipse season and the next Mercury retrograde so it’s a good time to take inventory, simplify and get things done. Common sense and good instincts (metal Horse month) empower us as we sift through the chaff and choices and seek to make our ideals real. It is a time to tune to how we want our lives to feel, and to hold that as our focus with deep heart knowing, optimism, excitement, trust and faith. Time to seed what we love and what feeds our souls.


Gently arise from the feminine mystery
Imagine writing a fine new herstory

Dance across and between opposing suggestions
Tune to your heart for direction and connection

(Even bees pause now and then
Be in stillness as you ken)

Now is the time to deeply feel
the ideals you wish to make real

Time to choose the seeds, plans and arts
that embody your radiant heart


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you the brilliance of stillness in motion this Moon










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