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Moon Dark-New in Capricorn

12 Jan 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @2100 PST) in Capricorn


… determination, stability, new beginnings … 


As always, Moon dark-new opens a new cycle of possibilities. Today under the first new Moon of the year (new calendar year; new solar year in the north) we are called to ground and root deeply (6 planets in Earth signs + beginning of Ox month; Ox year begins Feb). It’s a time for a powerful re-set (Sun/Moon-Pluto); a time to lay the foundations for a new reality and new ways of Being.


An abundance of Earthy energy brings stability, structure, and determination; and calls us to focus our attention on the practical and the tangible. We can expect Capricorn to bring increased drive, self-control and self-discipline (4 planets in Cap). We may also find ourselves imbued with endurance, a sharp psychological perspective, and a passion to purge the past (Sun/Moon-Pluto). It’s time for a re-set. A time for long-term planning and future building.


There are many opportunities now for future-oriented choices/decisions and change (4th of 6 consecutive new moons at 23 degrees; the power of 5). No doubt we will find ourselves considering issues of power, authority and individual rights (Sun/Moon/Pluto-Eris SQ) as the challenges of old systems and new social paradigms continue (ongoing Saturn-Uranus SQ). It’s a time to be curious and courageous about freedom and security; and about solidarity and individual sovereignty. And it’s time to connect deeply with both Earth wisdom and inner knowing.


Now is the time to choose/rededicate ourselves to the kinds of energy/energetic frequency we want to carry. A time to attend to our thoughts, feelings, and how we honour our truth. Time to nurture the roots of our inner wisdom. Time to draw on the healing Fires (Chiron in Aries) and the nourishing Waters (Neptune in Pisces). Time to plan practical ways to bring heart-felt desires into form. And time to seek the deepest, most fertile Earth to plant our seeds of transformation this Moon.


At Moon dark-new we are immersed in Earth
Time to shape a visionary rebirth


From the mountain top to the depths of the sea
seek the knowing of strength and serenity


Bring forth the passions from within your bones
embody the wisdom you wish to hone


Hands in soil, feet on Earth
claim your transcendent rebirth


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you root deeply & rise newly & wondrously in the increasing Light!










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Patroness: cut & modified sculpture found on Amazon | Mountains: Himalayas cut & modified from The Travel Triangle | Goats: cut & modified Mountain Goat Monitoring Plan (pdf), Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife,