Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-new in Cancer (Leo soon)


Moon Dark-new in Cancer (Leo soon)

20 Jul 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @1033 PDT) in Cancer (& in Leo Soon – @1316)


feel, flow, nourish, care


Here we are, the second Moon dark-new in Cancer. Called a ‘black Moon’ it is a rare-ish event (occurs every 2.5-3 yrs) but not as rare an event as the appearance of comet Neowise (aka New Wisdom). Neowise will be closest to Earth in the next couple of days and won’t visit gain for 6800 years. Arriving upon the rolling waves of eclipse season and along side the messenger Black Moon, we are strongly called to ‘reset’… and we have more ‘markers’ for these times.


Energy is rising (new Moon) and shifting (Moon>Leo @1316; Sun>Leo Wed). Some alignments may again challenge and test us (Jupiter-Sat-Pluto); we are urged to be mindful for whatever may cause fear, doubt or pessimism, and draw on the positive gifts of caring, healing, and change (Cancer energy + Mars-Chiron effects). We may variously feel the need to fight injustice (Eris); be motivated to increase our sense of security (Cancer); and/or find ourselves strongly motivated to tune to and express a higher purpose (Capricorn planets). Still, the spotlight continues to be on home, nurturing, caring, and tending our emotional well-being (5 planets in Water signs, 3 of them in Cancer). With this second Cancer Moon, we have more time and opportunities to deepen our practices. It is again time to nurture and lovingly tend ourselves and all for which we care.


Time to fortify our foundations with strength, wisdom and truth. Time to flow into the core of our Being. Time to deeply feel into the completeness of home within. Time to revisit, refine and hone our visions. Time to seed and nourish sanctuary and let things unfold.


Time to listen to the soft calls of the heart
Time to gently arise from the restful dark


Stretch into the ancestral wisdom that within resides
Open to all the treasures and enjoy new found surprise


Time to choose what you will next seed
and new ways to nurture and feed


Let increasing Fire inspire
all that you most truly desire


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you the cleansing, calming influences of the Waters
& the warmth & inspiration of your rising inner Fire this Moon









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